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Kamikirimaru Wooden box + Sleeve included

Letter Opener which made of Paper ONLY.
The sword is expressed in a more realistic way by adding the sword grip patterns.
It is very popular as a gift to introduce its culture as well as simply as a souvenir since it comes with a wooden box as well as specific paper case nicely packaged.

  • As a Letter Opener
  • Package Details
  • Wooden box package
Spec Wooden Box + Sleeve Spec
Size Overall appx 225mm Size(Box + Sleeve) 45×245×H35mm
Material Paper Material Wooden Box:Paulownia wood
Package OPP Bag Sleeve:Paper
Minimum Qty 1 unit

Cannot be purchased on the Maruiro site.

  • ・Great for display purpose. *This product is not to guarantee how sharp it is.

  • ・There is nothing to polish for cutting effectiveness.

  • ・Do not point to people or play around with it.

  • ・Please store a place where not reachable by children.

  • ・No returnable product.

  • ・Designs and specs are subject to change without prior notice.

  • ・This is handmade product therefore depending on the order quantity, season/time of order,
    colors and other details may differ from one another.

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Kamikirimaru Wooden box + Sleeve included


名刀 紙切丸[スタンダード] | 名刀 紙切丸[ハイグレード]


畳(大) | 畳(小)


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Kamikirimaru Wooden box + Sleeve included
納期 21営業日/
印刷色数 印刷なし
  1部 14,880


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